We Build Custom Luxury Homes and Remodels
Every project is completely customized with Thomas O'Neill Homes

We are a Houston-based design-build firm that works in all economic markets. We can start with your design aesthetic and design a home perfect for you. Then our skilled team can build and decorate your dream home so that it is magazine ready! We can start with your building plans or we can design plans to suit your needs with our talented architects and engineers.

Tommy O’Neill, owner, has built homes since the 1990’s in Louisiana and all around Houston. With an eye for detail, we not only design the home to be functional, but we keep interior design at the forefront of every decision we make so that the ending product is practical and beautiful.

We shape your home; thereafter it shapes you
Victoria O'Neill Program Operations Manager
Noah Millsap Business and Finance Manager
Thomas O'Neill Owner and Principal Builder
Gama Alvarez Project Designer and Architect

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